Drop the weight, not the features with Lazer’s super light G1 Helmet

Highly technical and specialized race equipment is ubiquitous in the world of cycling, especially at the sport’s highest level. Riders at events like the Tour de France choose between multiple bikes, different gearing options, and special clothing that allows them to perfectly match their gear to the daily demands of racing. 

Man wearing a Lazer G1 MIPS Road Bike Helmet

Helmets are another essential piece of equipment that can significantly boost rider performance. On flat days, aerodynamic efficiency is vital for sneaking through the wind and reducing overall drag. But when the road turns skyward, helmet performance comes with weight and ventilation. 

At 225 grams and with 22 strategically placed vents, Lazer’s new G1 helmet is a climber’s dream. Not only is this featherweight lid Lazer’s lightest helmet ever, it’s also one of the lightest road cycling helmets on the market today. But the Lazer G1 is not just a barebones, weight weenie product. It has all the same performance features as Lazer’s popular, all-around Z1 helmet, only in a lighter and sleeker package. 

Topping the list of features is the G1's effective cooling system. Large vents spaced across the helmet help draw air in, channeling it across the rider’s head and then pushing it out through corresponding exhaust vents. Lazer developed this special air-intake and exhaust system through extensive studies performed at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, a highly-regarded research university in the Dutch-speaking town of Leuven in Flanders, Belgium. 

Product image Lazer G1 MIPS Road bike Helmet

After rigorous research and development, the G1 helmet scored exceptionally high in ventilation lab tests. The results revealed the G1 is so proficient at pulling air over the rider’s head that the helmet is actually 8% more efficient than wearing no helmet at all. The G1 is the perfect choice for those long, sun-soaked climbing stages at the Tour de France, or for any day when the temperature and road ascend skyward. And while the Lazer G1 helmet can be found on the heads of riders from WorldTour teams Jumbo-Visma and Sunweb, it's equally at home on weekend warrior group rides, local hill climb events, or any ride where top-end performance matters.

White product image Lazer G1 MIPS Road bike Helmet

Besides its ultra-lightweight design and cooling features, the G1 is CPSC  certified and includes a superlight version of Lazer’s Advanced Rollsys retention system and Adjustable Head Basket design. Blending comfort and adjustability, the G1 delivers a perfect fit for any rider or adventure ahead. The helmet is also compatible with Lazer’s Aeroshell cover, which, when installed, enhances overall aerodynamic efficiency and protects the rider from water and wind when faced with inclement weather.

Man riding a road bike wearing a Lazer G1 MIPS Road bike Helmet

Packed with features, the G1 also boasts impressive versatility thanks to two sets of interchangeable helmet pads - Race and Comfort pads - which allow riders to fine-tune the helmet's fit and comfort. The G1's Race pads prioritize weight savings with a minimalistic design that delivers comfort without adding unnecessary grams. For days when you want a little extra cushion, the G1’s Comfort pads are slightly thicker and feel similar to other Lazer premium helmets like the Z1. 

The G1’s highly technical features and lightweight design are a result of Lazer’s extensive computer modeling as well as rigorous crash test protocols. Drop testing helped Lazer engineers precisely identify specific areas of the helmet that required reinforcement as well as where EPS foam could be removed to reduce weight while still offering protection. Throughout each of the design, development, and testing phases, Lazer never veered from its guiding principle of safety first, always insisting that the G1 passed certification tests by a healthy margin and didn’t just squeak by. 

Flash Orange Lazer G1 MIPS Road Bike Helmet

The G1 is offered in three sizes, four colorways, and is available in both a MIPS and non-MIPS versions. Whether you’re a hill-climb specialist, World Tour rider, or simply demand the most advanced helmet that is so light, you barely notice it, the G1 is the choice helmet for riders that demand excellence from their cycling gear. 

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