Lazer Verde KinetiCore: Taking Helmet Recycling to a New Level

Lazer Verde KinetiCore Recycled plastic bike helmet

Introducing the Verde KinetiCore, a helmet designed to protect people and the planet. From its beginning to the end, the Verde KinetiCore is one of the most sustainable helmets available. The goal of Lazer’s design team was to make a helmet that not only used a majority of recycled materials in its construction, but also could be easily disassembled, making it far easier to recycle the various components when the time comes.

Let’s just say they struck green.

At least 70% of the materials used in manufacturing the new Verde KinetiCore come from recycled sources, and it is built entirely within the EU, which has stringent rules regarding recycled material content.

Lazer Verde KinetiCore recycled bicycle helmet

The helmet is also designed for easy disassembly, taking the story of sustainability to a ground-breaking level. A simple turn of the innovative ECOLOC mechanism at the rear of the Verde KinetiCore, and voila—the various constituent parts of the helmet easily separate. The polycarbonate shell, EPS foam, and even the straps move apart, making it possible to recycle each of the components at the end of the helmet's lifecycle.

The details of sustainable design

Lazer engineers didn’t stop there when looking for ways to create a planet-pleasing product. The Verde KinetiCore features numerous other clever details that make it more environmentally friendly.

Lazer Verde KinetiCore recycled plastic bicycle helmet

There's no paint: the color you see is injected into the plastic shell. To reduce waste, there's no Velcro, no glues, no stickers, and no in-molded parts. Then there’s the sleek packaging that uses far less material than previous helmet boxes.

Not to be forgotten, this helmet is built to protect people on bikes and achieved a four-star rating in Virginia Tech’s testing. It also received the Dutch NTA-8776 certification, which means it meets the requirements for the higher speeds and harder impacts you see with e-bike use. 

 lazer Verde KinetiCore plastic bike helmet

KinetiCore, a proprietary Lazer design, features built-in rotational-impact protection thanks to unique Controlled Crumple Zones—a series of EPS foam blocks and channels built into the helmet that are designed to break in the event of both direct and rotational impacts, redirecting energy away from the brain. The result of this integrated design is multi-directional protection that uses less overall material for improved ventilation and a lighter weight.

The Verde KinetiCore sets a new green standard for helmet design. From the recycled content to the ability to disassemble at the end of the helmet’s life cycle, these innovations bring new meaning to sustainable cycling.


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