Introducing Lazer Z1 KinetiCore

Iconic Just Got Better

Lazer Z1 KinetiCore performance road bike helmet

They say not to fix something that isn’t broken. But the design team at Lazer knew better when dreaming up the new Z1 KinetiCore helmet design. While the iconic Z1 helmet has long been a favorite amongst riders and racers, one that has gained legions of devoted followers over the last decade-plus, Lazer's new Z1 KinetiCore model delivers something even better. It sets a new benchmark in premium helmet technology with a lighter, faster, and cooler design combined with the best possible protection rating. Iconic just got better.

Lazer z1 kineticore pro level road bike helmet

“Zee One”

In a way, we have legendary sprinter André Greipel to thank for the Z1. When he first joined the Lazer-sponsored Omega Pharma-Lotto professional cycling team in 2011, he sought a lighter, more ventilated helmet. Lazer engineers set to work making prototype after prototype, searching for the optimal balance of performance and comfort that would be Greipel-approved.

Finally, after several iterations and the infusion of several innovative design elements, Greipel was presented with a helmet. “Zis is zee one,” he said in his thick German accent. And thus, the Lazer Z1 was born.

designing the Lazer Z1 KinetiCore performance road bicycle helmet


Since its inception, the Z1 has only gained in popularity. This affinity for the Z1 has to do with the helmet’s combination of tangible characteristics, like high comfort and low weight, and intangible traits—those hard-to-define qualities of its fit that keep people coming back with each new Z1 model.

The design has stood the test of time while evolving as technological advancements have brought better materials, ventilation, and aerodynamics into play. Most notable was the introduction of the Z1 MIPS in 2015, which provided additional protection thanks to the add-on MIPS liner. Now, the Z1 design takes another leap forward by incorporating Lazer’s fully integrated KinetiCore rotational impact technology that delivers top-rated protection without sacrificing comfort and performance.

man wearing Lazer Z1 Kineticore road bike helmet while riding his bike


Lazer KinetiCore Rotational Impact Protection

The Z1 KinetiCore has been awarded a Virginia Tech 5-star protection rating, following in the footsteps of the Z1 MIPS that came before it. But the new KinetiCore model doesn't stop at top-rated protection; it boasts better ventilation, a more comfortable fit, and is a whopping 40 grams lighter than its predecessor, making it the lightest helmet with rotational impact protection on the market.

KinetiCore, a proprietary Lazer technology, features built-in rotational-impact protection thanks to unique Controlled Crumple Zones—a series of EPS foam blocks and channels built into the helmet that are designed to break in the event of both direct and rotational impacts, redirecting energy away from the brain. The result of this integrated design is multi-directional protection that uses less overall material for improved ventilation and a lighter weight.

Lazer KinetiCore road bike helmets rotational protection

Minimum Weight, Maximum Ventilation

Weighing in at a scant 220 grams (size M), the Z1 KinetiCore also delivers better ventilation than ever before with strategically placed vents and air channels that direct airflow over the head for maximum cooling effect. The new design actually provides more cooling to the head (3%) compared to a rider wearing no helmet at all. So, push a little harder, dig a little deeper on those hot and humid rides with the confidence that you’re staying cooler longer.

The updated design also features a new svelte shape that delivers improved aerodynamics that has been tested at four seconds faster for every 10 kilometers when traveling at an average speed of 44 km/h. This may seem like an insignificant improvement, but it comes at no expense to the fit or comfort of the helmet. It’s simply “free speed” built into a cool, comfortable, and reliable helmet design.

Lazer road bike helmets in the wind tunnel for testing

The Z1 KinetiCore also utilizes Lazer’s updated Advanced RollSys retention system that controls the fit system spanning around the entire circumference of the head for a comfortable and secure fit with no pressure points. Riders can make micro-adjustments on the fly by simply turning the thumbwheel dial to find that perfect fit. Plus, since the dial sits on top of the helmet, there’s plenty of room at the back for long hair in a ponytail or bun, preventing hair from getting caught up in the retention system.

Details and Accessories

Like many Lazer helmets, the new Z1 KinetiCore design features a host of small but impactful details that help improve the ride experience, no matter what kind of rider you are. The Z1 KinetiCore is compatible with Lazer’s Aeroshell cover that can be attached to the helmet to block the vents for extra aerodynamic advantage or to protect you from the elements.

man wearing a Lazer Z1 KinetiCore road bike helmet while climbing up a hill

Other features of the Z1 KinetiCore include lightweight stitched straps made from antimicrobial and recycled materials for added comfort. The straps no longer use a plastic divider. Instead, they feature an integrated design that keeps the helmet snugly in place and prevents the straps from getting twisted or loosened around the ears.

Riders looking to boost their visibility out on the road can utilize a specific mounting area on the back of the helmet to attach a Lazer Universal LED light. Positioned on the back of the helmet, this mounting area is optimized for visibility, and it’s easy to turn the light on and off while riding.

Lazer Z1 Kineticore road bike helmet black and white

Finally, the Z1 KinetiCore design includes eyewear docking slots that allow you to keep your eyewear safe when not wearing your glasses. No more setting your glasses down and forgetting them during a quick break at the coffee shop or having them fly off when you hit some bumpy pavement or rocky trails.

When it comes to premium helmets that just fit right and feel great, the Z1 has been the go-to choice for thousands of riders throughout the years. Now, the Z1 KinetiCore helmet delivers an even faster, more comfortable design that's, of course, top-rated when it comes to protection. The iconic just got better—lighter, faster, and cooler, in more ways than one.

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