Behind the Scenes with Yeti SHIMANO EP Racing

Go behind the scenes with Shimano as they give you a look behind the curtain on the development story of the Yeti Shimano EP Racing team. Watch all four episodes as the team plays an integral part of Shimano’s product development process as they compete in the EWS-E race circuit.


Click here to watch the full 4-part video series and learn more about the Yeti SHIMANO EP Racing Team


Yeti Shimano EP racing wearing the Lazer Cage Kineticore full face mountain bike helmet
Yeti Shimano EP Racing team watching track footage wearing Lazer Cage Kineticore full face helmets
Mick Hannah Pro mountain biker talking to SHIMANO engineers
Product testing with Mick Hannah Yeti SHIMANO EP Racing team E-MTB enduro team


Mick Hannah testing his Yeti E-MTB with SHIMANO EP801 drive unit wearing a Lazer Jackal Kineticore helmet
Yeti SHIMANO EP Racing Team

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