How to Choose the Right Size Bike Helmet

Measure and Fine-Tune Your Helmet for Optimal Fit

How to choose the right size bicycle helmet. Lazer bike helmet

Choosing the right size bike helmet is important for ensuring top-level protection and comfort while riding. While different types of helmets have varying characteristics–extended coverage for MTB, aerodynamic and lightweight for road, style for commuting, ease of use for kids–the most important function is to protect your head. So, be sure to find the right size before your next helmet purchase, and then dial in the fit so it fits snugly and can protect you better in the event of a crash.

Measure Your Head for a Lazer Bicycle Helmet 

Place two fingers (approximately equivalent to two centimeters) above your eyebrows and measure the circumference of your head at this height. A tailor's tape is the easiest tool for the job, but a traditional tape measure and piece of string or shoelace also works fine. Record the number and measure again to double-check your work. As the old saying goes: measure twice, order once!

How to get the right size bicycle helmet. measuring you head with soft tape measure

Select the Right Size Lazer Helmet

Using the measurement for the circumference of your head, refer to the size charts for each helmet found on the Lazer website. Select the helmet that your measurement aligns with. Thanks to the micro-adjustable fit systems on all Lazer helmets, each size is designed to fit a wide range of head shapes. But wait! What if you’re on the fence between sizes? We recommend going with the smaller of the two sizes. 

Lazer sport helmet size cart get the right size bicycle helmet and the perfect fit

Fine-Tune Helmet Fit with Lazer's Retention System

Lazer helmets are designed to fit the majority of riders who fall within the given size, and the fit can be fine-tuned to each head using Lazer's retention systems. Each model comes with one of four main head baskets and dial adjustment designs that complement the intended purpose of the helmet. The retention systems provide evenly distributed pressure around the circumference of the head to secure a helmet in place without creating pressure points. The result is a highly customizable fit that comfortably secures the helmet in place.

Women adjusting her Lazer Z1 KinetiCore bicycle helmet. How to get the right size bike helmet

Lazer’s 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

So that new helmet arrives in the mail, and you rip open the box, plop the helmet on, adjust the chin straps, spin the retention system dial through its full range, but find out the helmet doesn't quite fit the way you expected? Don't fret. Lazer has a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee. If the helmet doesn't feel like you thought, exchange or return it without hassle.

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