Lazer’s Retention Systems Explained

Lazer KinetiCore Rotational impact protection system lazer fit system get the best fit

For nearly two decades, since the introduction of the Rollsys retention system in 2005, Lazer has worked tirelessly to design and develop industry-leading retention systems optimized for different styles of helmets. Balancing comfort, protection, and a reliable fit, Lazer now offers four key retention system designs spanning our expansive lineup of road, mountain, city, and kids’ helmets.

All Lazer retention systems share the common characteristic of reducing pressure points while offering a secure, comfortable fit. We do this by using a combination of purpose-built head baskets and micro-adjustment dials that distribute the retention load around the whole circumference of the head. While other companies keep helmets in place with linear fit pressure, Lazer's proprietary systems cradle the head with a tunable 360-degree, secure fit.

Lazer road bike helmets being worn while out riding on the road get the best fit bike helmet with lazer retention

From there, we add unique features and customizable fit options based on the type of rider or the kind of riding the helmet is used for, like a more robust retention dial for MTB, an aerodynamic and lightweight system for road, and an easy-to-use head basket for kids. Learn more about Lazer's four retention systems and how they each offer the optimal blend of performance, protection, and comfort for different types of riding. 

ScrollSys Retention System

ScrollSys is Lazer’s newest adjustable retention system and is designed for maximum aerodynamic benefit and a secure, comfortable fit. Developed in conjunction with Lazer’s groundbreaking Vento KinetiCore helmet, it is the latest and most technically advanced retention system on the market.

Lazer ScrollSys Retention System get the best fitting bicycle helmet

The ScrollSys adjustment dial is found on the back of the helmet and features a wide, easy-to-reach band that riders can scroll up or down to make micro-adjustments on the fly. The new system also features a more aerodynamic design that allows airflow over the top or over the tail of the helmet without disruption.

Advanced Rollsys Retention System

The Advanced Rollsys Retention System is Lazer’s original pressure-relieving design that uses a lightweight dial on the top of the helmet to find the perfect fit around the entire circumference of the rider's head.

Lazer G1 MIPS Road bike helmet with Advanced Rollsys Retention System

The easy-to-reach dial allows for on-the-fly adjustment, preventing hotspots and pressure points while staying ponytail-friendly. This is Lazer's lightest retention system, making it perfect for riders looking for maximum weight savings for climbing and accelerating.

TurnSys Retention Systems

The Lazer Advanced TurnSys and Turnsys retention systems offer high-quality adjustment in a more robust package. This is Lazer's optimized system for helmets with extra coverage and weight like MTB, Road Sport, and Commuter lids.

Lazer fit system lazer bicycle helmets

The TurnSys and Advanced TurnSys systems feature a thicker forehead belt along with a larger rear basket the ensure these MTB and sport helmets stay securely in place, especially when attaching accessories like GoPros or lights for night riding. The Advanced Turnsys retention system is slightly more sophisticated with lighter-weight materials. 

Kid Fit Retention System

The Kid Fit Retention System is designed to make securing a kid's helmet as simple and painless as possible. No more tears before the bike ride even starts.

Lazer sport bicycle kids helmets

When putting a Lazer kids helmet on, the head basket automatically adjusts to the right size around your child's head thanks to an elasticized belt between the forehead and rear basket. Plus, the Kid Fit system will adjust and grow with your child's head for a reliable, secure, and comfortable fit until your little one grows into a bigger helmet.

Each Lazer retention system undergoes extensive testing and simulation to ensure proper fit, function, and protection. Besides offering maximum protection, we aim to make each helmet as comfortable and easy to use as possible. That is why even if you buy a more affordable Lazer helmet, you know that we are pushing the limit to provide you with the best retention system possible.

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