Turn One Helmet into Three with Lazer’s Aeroshell Cover


Add aerodynamic efficiency and weather protection with Lazer’s affordable Aeroshell helmet cover  

Road cycles riding by the river wearing a Lazer G1 MIPS with Lazer Aeroshell

Better than a buy one get one free sale, the Lazer Aeroshell cover delivers three helmets in one thanks to its sleek aerodynamics features and weather-proofing functions. As the name implies, the Aeroshell cover dramatically increases a helmet’s aerodynamics by creating a smooth, slick surface that slices through the wind. But the Aeroshell also protects riders from the weather by blocking out rain, wind, snow, mud, and cold to extend the riding season late into the fall and winter. Increasing a helmet’s function three-fold for around $20, the Lazer Aeroshell is the most inexpensive helmet upgrade a rider can make.

Lazer G1 MIPS with Lazer Aeroshell for aero bicycle helmet


The extremely light polycarbonate Aeroshell snaps over select Lazer helmets including the G1 MIPS, Z1 MIPS, and Blade+ MIPS. It fully encapsulates the front and sides of the helmet, creating a smooth frontal surface that increases aerodynamics while blocking the helmet's vents, which helps protect against inclement weather. However, despite blocking off the ventilation system, the Aeroshell doesn't turn the inside of the helmet into a body heat fueled sauna.

While overlaying the vents that conduct airflow directly onto your skin and scalp, the Aeroshell allows some air to flow under the front of the helmet and toward the back where the cover ends. Since the rear vents remain open, the helmet continues to channel air from the front to the back, exhausting excess heat and moisture to help regulate your body temperature without allowing the weather to drench or freeze you. In winter, that means no more ice cream headaches on a descent. It also means you have one less excuse to get out there even when the skies are threatening.

Road cycles riding on the road with Lazer G1 MIPS helmet with Aeroshell

While weather protection may be the less obvious benefit of the Aeroshell cover, aerodynamic efficiency is expected. By closing off the front helmet vents and channeling most air over the helmet instead of through it, aerodynamic drag is significantly reduced, which simply makes you faster. Time trial cyclist, road racers, and triathletes alike can benefit from the Aeroshell’s aerodynamic advantages without the hefty investment into a standalone aero helmet.

Women riding a tri bike wearing a Lazer Z1 MIPS with Lazer Aeroshell

One additional benefit of the Aeroshell is that it protects your helmet from the wear and tear of daily use on the road as well as from travel. The shell covers your helmet to deflect rocks and prevents dings on the surface. It also defends against scuffs and scrapes when you toss it in your car after a ride, and protects it from the rigors of living inside a duffel bag along with your riding gear.

Lazer Helmets Aeroshell's provide aerodynamic improvements to you bike helmet

Whatever your goals, the Aeroshell is incredibly easy to use. It snaps on in seconds, clicking over your helmet’s shell with minimal pressure. It’s also easy to remove when you pull up on the rear of the shell with a single finger. But it stays in place when the wind is whipping and it resists the cold without turning brittle. And most importantly, with the Aeroshell on, your Lazer helmet’s Rollsys retention system's adjustment wheel is still visible and accessible, so using the Aeroshell cover won’t interfere with the functionality of the helmet’s fit system. 

Andrew Juiliano's custom painted Lazer Aeroshell

With an ample selection of colors and designs to choose from, the Aeroshell suits any riding style. Or, with the help of a couple of paint pens and some personal flair, riders can dream up their own shell design like this inspiring piece from All Hail the Black Market. Whatever color or design you choose, the Aeroshell upgrades your helmet with new features and functions, all for a fraction of the cost of a new lid.  For a faster helmet, a warmer helmet, and one that can be 100% your design, the Lazer Aeroshell has you covered.

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