Which Lazer Helmet Retention System is Right for You?

Balancing protection and comfort with three Lazer retention systems 

Women riding road bikes wearing a Lazer Blade MIPS road bike helmet

Security and fit are two of the most important features rides can look for when buying a new helmet. If the helmet doesn't fit well or isn't secured down on the head properly, it cannot provide its full level of protection. Selecting the right size of helmet is the first step to ensuring a proper fit. Then, choose a retention system that keeps the helmet snugly and comfortably in place on your head, so you know it'll stay in place in the event of a crash. 


Women mountain biker riding through grass field wearing a Lazer Impala MIPS helmet

Lazer offers several retention system designs that wrap the head comfortably while providing different user features and adjustments options. Each system works seamlessly within the helmet to provide robust, reliable protection for all types of riders, from toddlers up to the most experienced cyclists. That question is, what retention system is best for you?


Advanced Rollsys System – ARS

Introduced in 2015, ARS is an improved version of the original Rollsys fit system, which originated in 2005. Rollsys uses a unique dial on the top of the helmet, providing a progressive adjustment around the entire circumference of the rider’s head. The Advanced Rollsys System achieves all the benefits of the original version, but with fewer parts, improved durability, and lighter weight. ARS is featured on top-tier Lazer helmets, including the G1, Z1, Blade+, and Cameleon (including MIPS versions).

Lazer G1 MIPS Purple Haze Road Bike Helmet

Advanced Turnfit System – ATS

ATS debuted in 2015 as a second generation of the original Turnfit system. Rather than using a dial on the top of the helmet like the ARS, the Advanced Turnfit System places the dial at the back of the helmet. This optimizes aerodynamic drag – keeping the top of the helmet free of airflow disruptions – or allows for helmet-top features like a camera mount on the Impala mountain bike helmet. Similar to Lazer’s ARS system, the Turnfit retention design tightens evenly around the circumference of the rider's head rather than traditional systems with a dial at the back that effectively pushes the head forward into the helmet and often leaves pressure marks on the forehead. Lazer's Advanced Turnfit System is available with the Bullet 2.0, Century, Wasp Air Tri, Victor, Impala, and Urbanize (including MIPS versions).


Lazer Bullet Helmet retention system on Team Jumbo Visma helmet

Turnfit Plus – TS+

TS+ replaces the original Turnfit System from the early 2000s, which operated like many other helmets in the market that tighten only at the back. Turnfit Plus was completely redesigned in 2015 to offer the benefits of ARS and ATS, comfortably tightening around the entire circumference of the head. It is featured on helmets such as the Tonic, Tardiz 2, Coyote, Chiru, Next+, Compact DLX, Compact, and J1 (including MIPS versions).

Lazer Chiru MIPS bicycle helmet


First introduced in 2012, Lazer’s kid-proof Autofit® system delivers an adjustment-free retention design that eliminates the fuss or frustration of putting on your child’s helmet. Using an ingenious spring mechanism, you simply stretch the retention system open, place the helmet on your child’s head, and it automatically contracts to the ideal tension. Then, simply buckle the strap at the chin and send your child on their way. No more excuses not to wear a helmet! Lazer's Autofit® system is available on helmets such as the Gekko and Lil’Gekko (including MIPS versions).

young girl wearing a Lazer Gekko MIPS bicycle Helmet

When it comes to protecting you or your child’s head, wearing a helmet is critical. But not just any helmet will do. Finding a helmet that not only fits well but that offers a reliable and comfortable retention system will help you ride with confidence and keep your noggin protected in case you end up on the ground.


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