Premium MTB Helmet Protection for Under $70

Man wearing Lazer Churi MIPS mountain bike helmet

Lazer’s Chiru MIPS helmet delivers ultimate protection without breaking the bank

Great bike gear doesn’t have to be expensive, and Lazer's stylish Chiru MIPS mountain bike helmet proves it. Earning a perfect 5-Star score from Virginia Tech’s helmet protection rating, the Chiru is bursting with top technology and protection features. It's also lightweight and comfortable for riders of all levels who want extra protection when hitting the trails. And at just $65, the Chiru MIPS helmet can help you push your limits without pushing your budget.   

Male mountain biker cornering wearing a Lazer Churi MIPS mountain bike helmet

The Chiru is constructed from expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, a lightweight material that is efficient at absorbing and diffusing forces caused by impacts. The foam is molded into the hard, outer shell that protects the more delicate EPS foam from regular wear and tear. For added protection on the trails and everyday riding, the Chiru features a dropped profile that increases coverage around the sides and rear of the head.

Adding to the Chiru’s impressive protection platform is the MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) liner that helps reduce the risk of rotational brain injury in crashes. A thin layer of plastic between the Chiru’s helmet pads and the EPS foam helps isolate your head from the helmet shell. In the event of an impact, your head can rotate a fraction of a second longer, independently from the helmet shell, which can slow the brain's rotation and reduce the likelihood of severe brain injury. 

Man ripping down a trail wearing a Lazer Churi MIPS mountain bike helmet

Combining protection and comfort in the Chiru MIPS mountain bike helmet is Lazer's Turnfit Plus System (TS+). This unique retention system and the adjustable head basket hold the helmet snugly in place while eliminating pressure points across the helmet. It features an easy dial at the back of the helmet, which adjusts the fit system around the entire circumference of your head for an even, comfortable fit every time. As an added benefit, the dial is compatible with the TS+ LED taillight accessory to help improve visibility from the rear in low light conditions. 

Man wearing Lazer Churi MIPS mountain bike helmet

The Chiru MIPS comes in five different color options, each with a color-matched visor that helps keep the sun, mud, and branches off your face while riding. And to keep from overheating on hot summer rides, 15 strategically placed air vents promote airflow, even on slow, technical climbs. 

Mountain biking using Red Lazer Churi MIPS mountain bike helmet

The Chiru MIPS has all the protection features of an expensive helmet, at a fraction of the price. While it's designed for mountain bikers, the helmet's added ventilation and outstanding comfort might have you reaching for this lid for commutes or adventure rides too. With the Chiru MIPS, you get protection, style, comfort all for under $70. 


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