Lazer Century Aero Road Helmet With A Twist

Celebrating 100 years in helmet technology

Lazer Sports celebrates its centennial anniversary in safety and protective gear this year. Over the last 100 years, cycling equipment and technology has gone through many changes. Cyclists once wore hats instead of helmets, bikes have evolved into countless forms to suit specific riding types, and there are more opportunities to race in more locations than ever before. To celebrate the evolution in cycling, Lazer introduced the Century MIPS helmet that is the pinnacle of modern helmet technology and design.

Safety is the priority of all Lazer helmets and the Century MIPS is no exception. With its In-Mold construction and CPSC certification, the Century MIPS helmet protects against impacts while the integrated, low friction MIPS layer adds extra protection against rotational impacts.

The Century MIPS also provides riders with peace of mind thanks to the integrated LED light at the rear of the helmet. Featuring both flashing and static light modes, the LED light offers up to 37 hours of battery life and can easily be removed for recharging. 

While the Century MIPS helmet offers unparalleled safety features, it delivers equally impressive performance options as well. Lazer’s Twistcap technology allows riders to convert the helmet from an aggressive aerodynamic design to a cooler configuration with more ventilation. The Twistcap attaches to the helmet magnetically and riders can make the switch between the two configurations with a simple twist of the wrist. 

When it comes to comfort and fit, the Century MIPS helmet utilizes Lazer’s proven Advanced Turnfit retention system for a snug and secure fit. The Advanced Turnfit System provides both horizontal and vertical adjustments over the head, so the helmet stays comfortably in place while reducing pressure points or squeezing. 

The Century MIPS also features 18 vents along with internal ventilation channels that force air through the helmet and over the head to improve cooling and comfort. Paired with the magnetic Twistcap attachment, riders can dial in the level of ventilation depending on the temperature or aerodynamic needs. 

With 100 years of experience, Lazer delivers peak performance in helmet technology with the new Century MIPS. Blending premium materials and advanced designs, the Century MIPS not only protects riders but delivers aerodynamic advantages and extra cooling for a more enjoyable ride. Cyclists from 100 years ago would be astonished by the advancements in modern helmets compared to their wool caps and leather hats, and the Century MIPS sets the benchmark in helmet technology.