Commuter Helmet Choices

The Best Lids for Work or Play in the city 

Women wearing a Lazer Urbanize MIPS urban bike helmet as she bike commutes to work

Neither wind, nor rain, nor heat should keep you from the magic of two-wheeled urban riding. Whether commuting to work, running errands, or simply joyriding through town, experiencing your local community by bike is a fun and efficient way to get around. But, like any bike ride, safety is an important consideration when commuting. Pick quieter roads or routes, wear bright and reflective clothing, and of course, select a helmet that offers top-tier protection along with other features to make your commute more enjoyable. 


Lazer Urbanize MIPS helmet sitting next to a box of croissants and coffees


Good commuter helmets are more than mere plastic buckets with a visor strapped on for looks. They are purpose-built to perform and protect comfortably as you enjoy the freedom of traveling car-free. While any helmet could be considered a commuter helmet – as long as it fits well and is in good condition – Lazer’s Cameleon MIPS and Urbaniz MIPS helmets are our top picks for commuters. Deciding which helmet is right for you depends on where you live, how far you ride, and what kind of terrain you'll encounter along the way. Consider the following when choosing the right commuter helmet for you.

Impact Protection

At its very core, a helmet protects. Whether racing to punch the clock or cruising to the farmer’s market, every Lazer helmet must meet CPSC guidelines to reduce the direct forces of an impact. Additionally, many Lazer Helmets come equipped with MIPS (more on that here), which helps protect against the rotational forces that often cause concussions. Both the Cameleon and Urbanize helmets come standard with MIPS, prioritizing protection for any rider.


Women wearing a Lazer Compact DLX MIPS while riding an Ebike on the lake shore  

For e-Bike commuters, the Urbanize MIPS helmet also includes features to meet NTA certification, which requires more stringent standards for the higher speeds and potentially harder impacts of pedal-assisted riding.


Women bike commuting in the rain while wearing a Lazer Urbanize MIPS Helmet 

Protection from the Elements

Are you a fair-weather rider who prefers casual rides and a warm breeze on the way to the office? Or are you a die-hard commuter who will pedal to pick up groceries on a snow day? The answer to that question may determine which commuter lid is right for you.

Lazer Cameleon MIPS Recreation bike helmet 

The Cameleon MIPS has 13 generous vents making it perfect for commuting or cruising in warmer weather. It offers a more traditional helmet style and can easily pull double duty for your longer, weekend recreational rides.

The Urbanize is built for the intrepid commuter who is ready to take on any conditions thrown their way. It offers more coverage, protecting you from foul weather, and even comes with a winter padding kit for those deep winter commutes. With six strategically placed and shaped vents, the Urbanize MIPS still allows for breathability while protecting you from the elements.

Women wearing a Lazer Urbanize MIPS bike helmet in the Rain while commuting to work

Additionally, the Urbanize also features a removable magnetic face shield that snaps into place, providing even more protection for your face from rain, wind, snow, and anything the city streets can throw at you. On lovely days, the shield easily flips out of the way so you can enjoy the warm breeze or crisp morning air. 

Women wearing a Lazer Urbanize MIPS helmet with clear lens 

Fit and Comfort

How a helmet fits is a crucial component for its overall protection and comfort. The first step to finding the right fit is determining what size helmet you need. Use a tape measure to determine your head’s circumference and check Lazer’s sizing guide to select the right size. Then, Lazer’s unique adjustable head basket technology and built-in retention systems work together to secure the helmet in place and ensure proper fit.

Lazer Helmets fit chart

The Urbanize MIPS helmet features Lazer’s Advanced Turnfit retention system that includes a micro-adjustment dial on the back. This allows for quick and easy adjustments, even while riding, so you can dial it in for the perfect balance of comfort and security.

Couple wearing a Lazer Cameleon MIPS helmet and lazer Compact DLX MIPS helmet while riding ebikes 

The Cameleon helmet uses Laze’s Advance Rollsys retention system that features a unique dial on the top and provides progressive adjustment around the head's entire circumference. This helps reduce hot spots, so long gone are the days of showing up to work with an indent or red mark on your forehead.


Details for Safety

Urban riding presents its own unique sets of challenges and demands. Increased traffic means increased visibility is essential. That's why both the Cameleon and Urbanize seamlessly integrate with rechargeable LED lights — no more forgetting flashers at home when they can be one with the helmet.

Women turning on the Lazer LED Taillight on her Lazer Urbanize MIPS urban commuter helmet

And when it comes to security against theft, the Urbanize MIPS was designed with an oversized rear vent, specifically meant to fit a U-Lock. Now, the prized protector of your noggin can stay safe along with your bike whether you're at a full day of work or just stopping by a coffee shop between errands.

Women enjoying a cup of coffee after a wet rainy ride while wearing a Lazer Urbanize MIPS Helmet 

Commuting by bike can be a fun, active way to start and end your day. With the right gear and the right helmet, you can ride comfortably for most of the year in many locations. Get out and enjoy the freedom of bike commuting and see your city, town, or community in a new way.

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