The Perfect Fit

How to pick the right Lazer helmet size


How to make yout Lazer Sports helmet the perfect fitting bike helmet

Top-notch helmet protection starts with the right fit. Once you’ve decided on what style of helmet you need, whether it’s a road, mountain bike, urban, or kid’s helmet, find the right size for a snug but comfortable fit. Consider the following steps when buying a helmet to get the best coverage out of your next ride.  


Before You Buy

Whether ordering online or heading to the local bike shop, it helps to know your exact head size when deciding what helmet will work best for you.


Lazer Sports bicycle helmets retention system provided the perfect fitting bicycle helmet

Measure your head: Use a tailor’s tape to measure the circumference of your head 2.5 cm (about 1 inch) above the eyebrows. No tailor’s tape? No problem! Use a piece of string, shoelace, or twine and wrap it around your head. Then, measure the string against a standard tape measure or yardstick.

Consult Lazer’s Sizing Chart:  Lazer’s adult helmets comes in multiple sizes that securely fit head circumferences from 52 to 64 cm. To fine-tune the fit, each Lazer helmet has a harness or retention system with a ratchet or dial that snugs the helmet for a secure and comfortable fit.

Lazer helmets fitting guild get the perfect size helmet

Note: Lazer’s kid-specific models are designed for smaller head circumferences. The smallest kid helmet option fits down to a 46 cm circumference so everyone in the family can enjoy the ride.  See the full line up here


With the Helmet in Hand

Whether you're at your local bike shop looking at a wall of helmets or you just pulled one out of the box from an online retailer, the next step is to try the helmet on and check the fit. Pop that lid on and perform a few simple tests to ensure it’s the right size.


Lazer Sports Urban Cycling bike helmet being buckled

Put it On: First, open the adjustment dial (on top or in the back depending on the model) and put the helmet on your head. With the adjustment fully open, you shouldn't feel any pressure points on the sides or front of your head.

Tighten the Adjustable Head Basket: Turn the adjustment dial on the top (Advanced Rollsys Models), on the back (Turnfit Plus Models), or Auto Fit (Select Kids Models) to fine-tune the fit. The adjustable head baskets will tighten and conform to your head or hairstyle that fits within the helmet. Tighten the helmet enough so that it is snug, but you should not feel any uncomfortable pressure.


PRO Mountain Biker, Thomas Vanderham wearing a Lazer Jackal MIPS bike helmet

Shake Test: With the head basket secure (but the straps still undone), shake your head from side to side. Repeat the same test by shaking your head up and down. The helmet should not slip or slide around during the shake test. If it does, try tightening the retention system a little more and repeat the test. If it still slips during the shake test, consider a smaller size or perhaps a different model.  

What’s the Right Amount of Coverage? Different helmets are designed for different riding styles, and how much coverage you need depends on how you ride and what kind of protection that style demands. Road helmets sit higher on the head while mountain bike helmets drop farther down the back and sides of the head for more coverage. If you find the right Lazer helmet size in one style, you can easily jump between different helmet models of the same size to find the right amount of coverage while maintaining the same snug and comfortable fit.


Lazer Jackal MIPS buckle system for mountain biking helmet

Buckle Up: The final step of securing your helmet to your head comes with buckling the chin strap. What’s the balance between too snug and too loose? You should be able to slip two fingers between the buckle and under your chin. That ensures a happy medium between security and comfort. Also, don’t forget to slide the side strap adjusters up and down to ensure the buckles mesh comfortably with your ears.


What If It's the Wrong Fit?

If you’re at the bike shop, grab the next size up or down and see if that works. The shop's employees are also a great resource to ask if you're unsure about the size and model of helmet you need.


Lazer Z1 MIPS black bicycle helmet

If you've ordered a helmet online from Lazer, fear not!  Lazer offers 60 Day Free Returns to ensure satisfaction and safety. Buy with confidence that we’ll get you the right helmet that’s the perfect fit and protection for however you ride.


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