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Go Josie

Go Josie

  This is just the beginning… The beginning of Josie...
April 08, 2021  in RoadVideo
Tides: A Sandy Cycling Ode

Tides: A Sandy Cycling Ode

Lazer Voler Pro Cycling’s Andrew Juiliano dreams of far off races, yet finds the joy of cyclocross wherever he goes.  Join him for a training day at the beach where he finds joy and purpose in a world turned upside down through poetry and his bicycle. 

December 03, 2020  in RoadVideo
This is Home: Thomas Vanderham

This is Home: Thomas Vanderham

This is Home takes you on a trip to North Vancouver, British Columbia inside the life of Thomas Vanderham. The North Shore is regarded as one of the most influential mountain bike hotspots in the world for riding, style, and culture. After his family moved from Edmonton, Thomas found himself immersed right in the middle of the birth of freeride mountain biking. Now years later, Thomas is a living legend of the sport continuing to influence riding all over the world.
February 17, 2020  in Mountain BikeVideo

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