Swapping Helmets During Cyclocross Season

Tips from Alpha Bicycle Co. Groove Subaru CX Team for staying comfortable in extreme cyclocross weather conditions


The Alpha Bicycle Co. Groove Subaru CX Team is a Colorado-based team with the focus of finding and developing the next generation of up and coming cyclocross athletes. Owner/ Team Manager Adam Rachubinski talks about the extreme weather conditions racers often face and how helmet selection can play a critical role in comfort and speed.

 Custom Lazer Bullet 2.0

Photo by: Bruce Buckley

Cyclocross racing is known for its wet, muddy, wild, and unpredictable conditions. Throughout a typical season, riders are put through the gamut of intense temperatures and weather situations that range from extreme heat to freezing cold. Riders often arrive at races with a multitude of clothing options, different glove weights, extra rain and mud gear, and more so that they are prepared for anything the course can throw at them. Layering is a key skill that racers learn early. However, one piece of equipment that is often overlooked but can play a critical role in speed and temperature control is the racer's helmet. 

For the Alpha Bicycle Co. Groove Subaru CX Team, riders often switch between Lazer’s ultralight and ventilated G1 MIPS and the weather-proof, aero-road Bullet 2.0 helmet.


Alpha Groove Subaru custom Lazer G1

Photo: Bill Schieken

For early season races such as the North American World Cups in Iowa and Wisconsin, temperatures can often rise above 90 degrees with high humidity. Riders need to stay as cool as possible while throwing down a maximal effort for these hour-ish-long races. In these conditions, the G1 MIPS is the team's helmet of choice thanks to the 22 vents strategically placed around the helmet and the integrated air channels that help promote airflow over the head.


Alpha Groove Subaru Custom Lazer Bullet

Photo: Bill Schieken

For cold, wet, and blustery conditions like the team saw at the Pan-American Championships in Ontario, Canada in 2019, riders often wear the Lazer Bullet 2.0 helmet and close off the vents. Not only does this closed system make the riders more aerodynamic on those fast, straightaway sections of the course, but it helps keep their heads warm and dry on those especially chilly races. Then, if riders get too hot mid-race, they can easily flip the vents open for unparalleled, adjustable comfort.


Lazer Custom graphics


As the Alpha Team travels the world, much is made of the bright, attention-grabbing, custom green helmet graphics. This unique touch is meticulously applied by Victory Circle Graphix, located right up the road from the team's home base in Colorado. Here, the custom sticker and graphic designers put together unique and exciting designs that seamlessly tie together with the team kits.

Also, when the team's young riders represent the USA wearing the stars and stripes at the Under 23 World Cups and World Championships, that signature green color makes it easy to keep track of riders on course as they maneuver through a sea of country colors.


Lazer HQ

Photo: Bill Schieken

Last season, the team visited Lazer's world headquarters in Belgium for an up-close look at the design process and complex engineering that goes into each helmet design. From super-lightweight road helmets to rugged mountain bike helmets to commuter and sport helmets, Lazer offers something for everyone. And for the Alpha Team, whether they're racing a sweltering early season race in the new G1 MIPS or slipping and sliding their way through Holy Week on the European cross circuit in the Bullet 2.0, they can ride with confidence thanks to Lazer's ultimate protection technology.

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