Lazer G1, Story of a Technical Prowess

Lazer has just launched the G1, its lightest helmet ever, only weighing 225 grams. While weight and protection could be seen as opposites, Lazer managed to maximize both without compromise.

Man wearing a Lazer G1 MIPS Road cycling bike helmet

When creating a helmet for top performance riders, you need to push the limits. It took more than 2 years to develop the Lazer G1 and reach such a result. The main objective was to provide a helmet that would outperform the Z1, which was already known as one of the top road helmets in terms of looks, weight & performance. 3 major points of improvement were chosen: weight, ventilation & looks.


Lightweight, lightweight & lightweight.

The G1 only weighs 225 grams (size S, CPSC certification) but does such a light helmet still protect your head as it should? Yes, it does. But how is that possible?

By shaping the helmet in a specific way to protect the most important parts of your head, Lazer’s engineers managed to make it a very light helmet while offering as much protection possible. Moreover, the inner nylon cage construction of the helmet enabled them to limit the number of EPS used and optimize its material properties. This whole process involved a lot of testing and ended with the G1 being ranked number one best protection in the road helmet segment (MIPS version with CPSC certification) by Virginia Tech’s helmet testing independent entity. 



Pro UCI world tour bike team wearing custom Lazer G1 MIPSs helmets

Weight is one thing, but its combination with top ventilation is what makes a helmet perform at its best. Lazer really wanted to put a focus on that, and what a success it has been. They ran numerous ventilation tests, putting the helmet on a mannequin in a wind tunnel and measuring the heat loss during cycling. Overall, the helmet reached a cooling performance of 108%. Meaning that riding with the G1 cools your head 8% more than… riding with no helmet at all!


Looks & versatility

Last but not-at-all least, Lazer has made a good looking helmet. As the Z1 could seem bulkiest for a few riders, the G1 is slimmer and will definitely fit anyone. It is a true Lazer helmet, showcasing the brand’s graphic identity, its famous Rollsys patented fit system and its major product benefit: Optimal comfort. This helmet simply is the embodiment of Lazer’s identity.

Man wearing a Lazer g1 mips road cycling helmet

But what about riding a very light and ventilated helmet in the cold or in the rain? The G1 is available to buy with Lazer’s Aeroshell, a removable cover that can be simply clipped or unclipped depending on weather conditions.

To summarize, the G1 is the perfect helmet if you considered yourself a serious rider. Light, versatile, ventilated, good-looking & comfortable, it has everything you need. Wherever you go, the Lazer G1 can be your perfect ally.

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