Lazer Autofit® System

A Safer, Simpler Start to Every Ride 

Young boy riding his bike wearing a Lazer Lil' Gekko MIPS kids bike helmet

Ditch the pre-ride helmet drama with your kids and start each ride safer, simpler, and with a smile on everyone’s face. With Lazer’s colorful and fun kids lids, your little ones will actually want to wear their helmet, and thanks to the simple AutoFit® retention system, securing the helmet in place is easier than ever. 

Lazer’s AutoFit® technology features a self-adjusting harness that is easy to use for kids and parents alike. It ensures that the helmet sits securely and snugly on your child’s head thanks to a spring-loaded, self-adjusting design. Just pull the harness open, place it on your child’s head, and the retention harness automatically snugs down for a dialed fit. In fact, in the time it took to read these instructions, your kids could be lidded up and ready to roll.

Young Girl riding her bike wearing a Lazer Gekko MIPS kids bicycle helmet

Think of the AutoFit® mechanism like a gentle, self-tightening safety belt for your child's head. It uses consistent spring tension to comfortably cradle the head, and it keeps the helmet securely in place. The reverse-progressive spring rate ensures that the harness tightens with the same amount of gentle pressure regardless of the size of the child's head. That means the helmet adjusts each ride to maintain the perfect fit, even during growth spurts. No need to readjust straps every couple of weeks, Lazer's AutoFit® system keeps up with even the smallest changes from ride to ride. 

Girl riding her mountain bike wearing a green Lazer Gekko MIPS kids bike helmet

Both the Lazer Gekko and Lil’Gekko helmets come standard with the AutoFit® retention system and are designed for preschoolers and kids in grade school. The Gekko and lil’Gekko also feature the all-new Comfort Buckle, which moves the securing clasp to the side of the jaw away from under the chin, which helps avoid pinch points.

Young boy riding his bike wearing a Lazer Lil' Gekko MIPS bicycle helmet

Between the AutoFit® system and the Comfort Buckle, these fresh updates make it easier on parents when snugging down their kid's helmet. These features also help kids learn to prepare on their own for a ride. The AutoFit® system is easy to use, even for small children, and the buckle relocation makes it simple for parents to inspect each kid's work, ensuring that the helmet is clicked securely, safely, and correctly.

Kids riding their bikes wearing a Lazer Gekko MIPS and Lazer Lil' Gekko MIPS bicycle helmets

And just like that, kids and the family are ready to roll. Starting the ride right, shouldn't be hard. It should simply be automatic. Just set it, snap it, and focus on the joys of growing up on two wheels.